The Latest

The Latest

Legends & Landscapes in the Borders of Scotland & England

10 September 2018

A Journey through the Borders of Scotland and England Inspired by History and Heritage | September 6-14, 2019

Digging Deep to ‘Reveal’ the Trust's Archaeological Treasures

6 September 2018

As part of Project Reveal, the lead inventory officer of the Trust's archaeology collections is researching, sorting, and archiving the artifacts excavated or found at NTS sites to prepare them for future research and potential public display.

‘Dress to impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s dressing case

17 August 2018

Lady Evelyn Kennedy, or also known by the title of Marchioness of Ailsa, owned one of the most interesting dressing cases found at Culzean Castle. Through Project Reveal we find out how ladies in the 19th century would get dressed with the aid of this wonderful case.

Lecture: Historic Scottish Gardens

16 August 2018

Join NTSUSA and American-Scottish Foundation in New York City for a lecture on historic Scottish gardens and the influence of the Scots on American garden design.

Just my Type

10 August 2018

As Project Reveal Team East finishes cataloging the unique objects found in Robert Smail’s Printing Works, the team reflect on highlights over the past year using the property’s amazing collection of type.

Becoming a Dab Hand – Printing Past and Present

10 August 2018

Project Reveal visits Robert Smail's Printing Works, investigating Scotland's industrial heritage as well as the UK's oldest working commercial letterpress.

A Weekend in the Highlands (of North Carolina!)

9 August 2018

Kirstin Bridier, NTSUSA's Executive Director ventures out to North Carolina to join the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, and shares her story with us.

Project Reveal – One year on and 12 months of progress

3 August 2018

With Project Reveal now being one year old, we are going to look at the progress they have made by looking at few of the wonderful, intricate and bizzare items they have found and documented.

Fossils and forefathers (geology rocks!)

27 July 2018

The North West Project Reveal Team venture out to Cromarty, to investigate the Birthplace Cottage and Museum of Hugh Miller - a geologist, writer, and an avid fossil collector.

She was aye workin’

19 July 2018

Project Reveal Team West has recently started the inventory of the Tenement House, the former home of Miss Agnes Toward. Here, we are able to see a life of an independent Glaswegian working woman in the first half of the 20th century.

The Weaver’s Cottage doll

11 July 2018

Project Reveal goes to the Weaver's Cottage in Kilbarchan, investigating more than 1,000 tartan samples and an intruiging 19th century papier-mâché and wooden doll

UPDATE: Percy Cane Garden at Falkland Palace

10 July 2018

NTS has made significant progress with the Percy Cane garden restoration at Falkland Palace over the last two seasons. Learn more about how support from across the United States has made a difference to this important project.

A blast from the past

5 July 2018

Project Reveal delve into the history of the two infamous cannons at Culzean Castle, as we explore their origins, the narrative around the cannons, and usage during the 20th century.

Is an Architect an Artist?

29 June 2018

Project Reveal looks at Holmwood, one of the few surviving buildings designed by Alexander Thompson, an exponent of the Greek Revival style.

Interview with Iconic Fashion House: Mackintosh

12 June 2018

Interview with renowned fashion company Mackintosh, which pulls together British Craftsmanship and contemporary design to create the modern-day ‘Mac’ coat we know and love.

The Illicit Still Game

12 June 2018

Project Reveal North East explore the history of illicit distilling in the Angus glens. The whisky stills of the Angus Folk Museum collection tell us much about the history of Scotland’s most famous export.

Join us in Celebrating Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 150th

15 May 2018

NTSUSA, The American-Scottish Foundation, and the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of NYC invite you to a talk and reception in celebration of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 150th birthday.

Dealing with the Devil

9 May 2018

Project Reveal head to the House of the Binns to catalog the table where 'Bluidy Tam' is said to have played the devil at cards.

Cruise through the Celtic Isles | Summer 2019

1 May 2018

Castles and Collections of the Celtic Isles: Dublin to Edinburgh aboard Sea Cloud II | Cruise with us July 6-17, 2019

Souter Johnnie: the Man Behind the Legend

24 April 2018

While working at Souter Johnnie's Cottage, Project Reveal Team South-West explore the life and work of an 18th-century shoemaker.

Press Release: Two Great Scots Honored at Annual Gala

17 April 2018

Endurance Athlete and Philanthropist Mark Beaumont BEM and Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Scottish Country Dance Practices

21 March 2018

If you have not done Scottish country dancing before, we recommend that you attend one (or both!) of the practices held before the gala on Thursday 5th and Tuesday 10th April, 2018.

A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures

20 March 2018

Join us for a festive evening of Scottish music, dining, and dancing celebrating the conservation of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s iconic Hill House and the architect’s 150th birthday.

Let’s play a game …

27 February 2018

Inside a box, inside a cupboard, inside the Georgian House, Project Reveal uncovers a rare musical treasure.

Passing Time with Brodie Castle’s Musical Clock

27 February 2018

Hanging on the wall of the Red Drawing Room at Brodie Castle, just beside the spiral staircase, is a spectacular example of a Louis XV wall-mounted cartel clock.

Project Reveal: Six Months of Progress

27 February 2018

Read all about the progress of the Project Reveal teams, who have been busy cataloguing and photographing Trust collections for the past six months.

Water Damage at The Hill House

8 February 2018

Images from the living room, dining room, and master bedroom of the home exhibit the urgency of the Campaign for Hill House.

The Ghosts of Culzean Castle

18 January 2018

The photographer for the Project Reveal South West team introduces us to some of the more well known spirits who are said to inhabit Culzean Castle.

Burns Nicht with the Ancient Universities Alumni

9 January 2018

Join us at the 11th Annual Ancient Universities Burns Nicht on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the Winchester Country Club in Massachusetts.

Leaving Our Mark

5 January 2018

The Trust’s collections are very diverse, so we need to use various marking and labeling techniques for identifying collection items.

21st-century needlework in 17th-century Culross Palace

5 January 2018

Project Reveal Team East uncovers the work that goes into creating a splash of color in Culross Palace.

Princess Louise’s Highland seat(s)

4 January 2018

Project Reveal Team North East find a set of chairs at Mar Lodge with a royal connection and a divided history.

Christmas Revealed, Part 2

20 December 2017

25 team members, 25 favourite objects from the project: this is the Project Reveal Advent, Part 2.

Christmas Revealed, Part 1

20 December 2017

25 team members, 25 favorite objects from the project: this is the Project Reveal Advent, Part 1.

Cataloging Christmas Cheer

15 December 2017

A Father Christmas army and fancy dress crackers – Project Reveal Team East reveals the spirit of Christmas at Newhailes.

If the Key Fits ...

15 December 2017

An intriguing key with a fairy tale-like inscription – ‘mahogany box, golden telescope’ – was recently discovered at Brodie Castle. What will it open?

Press Release: The Campaign for Hill House

5 December 2017

Thinking inside the box to rescue Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Hill House, an internationally recognized icon of early modern architecture.

Lang May Yer Hingin' Lum Reek

28 November 2017

The Project Reveal West Team are intrigued by a rare hanging lum in the kitchen of Moirlanich Longhouse.

Tartan is the New Black: NTSUSA + ANTA

21 November 2017

NTSUSA interviews Annie Stewart, co-founder of ANTA, a Scottish home furnishings company with a dedication to traditional Scottish craft and materials.

What’s the time, Major Keith?

14 November 2017

The North East team have been busy inventorying the North Wing of Pitmedden House, and have come across a longcase clock with strong links to the region.

It BEATS – as it Sweeps – as it Cleans

14 November 2017

The Project Reveal West Team discovers the beauty of cleaning 1930s style, with an Art Deco style Hoover vacuum at The Hill House.

Egg-cellent Art and Suspected Fowl Play

14 November 2017

Project Reveal Team East explore the work of well-respected Scottish ornithologist, author and artist Donald Watson and find clues of a missing artwork.

Palmtrees and Goddesses at Culross Palace

1 November 2017

Project Reveal Team East discover the beautiful painted ceilings of Culross Palace, and wonder what lies beneath them.

What's in the Box?

31 October 2017

Down in the depths of Newhailes, Project Reveal Team East unearthed a treasure trove of prints in an unassuming plastic box.

Memories of Zeppelin Sunday

31 October 2017

The Project Reveal South West Team get a closer look at an aircraft propeller that left a mark on modern history.

Nature in Art at The Hill House

31 October 2017

Hidden away in a cupboard at The Hill House, the Project Reveal team discovered beautiful finger bowl mats created by Walter Blackie’s daughter, Alison.

The Two Little Gin Pigs of Brodie Castle

30 October 2017

From the nickname ‘mother’s ruin’ to William Hogarth’s famous 18th-century print Gin Lane, the classic British tipple of gin hasn’t always enjoyed the reputation that it has today.

A Tax Avoidance Scheme?

30 October 2017

A set of small glass bowls have long been on display in the State Dining Room at Culzean Castle, but most visitors probably don’t know what they were used for.

Scotland Road Trip Series

29 August 2017

This series of regional road trips for those planning to visit (and drive!) in Scotland covers Fife, Aberdeen, the Highlands, and The Borders. Safe travels!

An Interview with Toshie Mackintosh

15 August 2017

We spoke to Charles Randak of Toshie Mackintosh, a group of Glasgow School of Art Graduates, about Mackintosh, Hill House and the inspiration behind their latest collection.

Robert Lorimer and Hill of Tarvit

15 August 2017

Hill of Tarvit is a beautiful example of an Edwardian-style home, designed by Scottish architect Robert Lorimer.

No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money with David Lough

14 August 2017

Join us in October for a series of lectures presented by British historian, David Lough, author of "No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money", the first full narrative of Churchill’s precarious personal finances. Lectures will take place in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Nantucket.

Scotland in Miniature

21 July 2017

If you are strapped for time we recommend that you do not miss visiting the Isle of Arran. Commonly referred to as 'Scotland in miniature', Arran seems to embody the nation's wide variety of landscapes from rugged peaks, to gentle rolling hills, to craggy island coastlines.

#WeAreScotland Photo Competition

20 July 2017

Share your recent photos while at an NTS property with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WeAreScotland for the chance to win an an NTS-branded Regatta jacket.

Photo Gallery: The Hill House

17 May 2017

View images of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s finest domestic creation, The Hill House. Fundraising for conservation work is underway to save this treasured landmark.

Tour Scotland's Grand Houses and Gardens

1 May 2017

Join us this fall for a one-week guided tour of Scotland's Grand Houses and Gardens. From Edinburgh, to Glasgow, to Aberdeen, this extraordinary journey will highlight Scotland's natural and cultural treasures.

10th Anniversary 'A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures' Gala

5 April 2017

The 10th annual 'A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures' gala honored documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and raised nearly $400,000 in support of the National Trust for Scotland.

2017 'A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures' Photo Gallery

4 April 2017

Photography highlights from the 2017 'A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures'

The Adam Family: The Scottish Architects Who Changed the World

27 February 2017

Join us this spring in Philadelphia and New York City for Curt DiCamillo's “The Adam Family: The Scottish Architects Who Changed the World”

Ken Burns to be honored at 10th annual gala

15 February 2017

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns will be honored with the Great Scot Award at the 10th annual 'A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures' gala

Scotland's Romeo and Juliet

27 January 2017

In fair Craigievar where we lay our scene...Montagues and Capulets are replaced by rival Clans of Forbes and Gordon with star crossed lovers caught between.

Burns Supper 101

25 January 2017

On January 25th worldwide celebrations honor the life and poetry of Robert Burns. Learn why we celebrate and how you can join in the fun!

Ancient Universities Burns Nicht

19 January 2017

The Oxford & Cambridge Society of New England and NTSUSA cordially invite you to the 10th Annual Ancient Universities Alumni Burns Nicht at the Winchester Country Club on February 4, 2017.

Mr. and Mrs. Mackintosh

17 November 2016

A closer look at Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, wife and collaborator to Glasgow's iconic master designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Culzean Castle Challenge Appeal Meets Goal

27 October 2016

$90,000 was raised from donors across America to support restoration of the Walled Garden at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire

Scottish Spooks and Spirits

14 October 2016

Scotland is known for having a bit of a ghostly past with plenty of haunting stories. We’ve picked a few of our favorite spooky tales to share.

Scotland’s White House: A Castle Fit for an American President

22 September 2016

Culzean, an iconic Scottish castle, is home to the Eisenhower Apartment. Yes, that’s Army General and President of the United States Eisenhower!

Highland Games

30 August 2016

From tossing the caber to dancing and bagpipes, the Highland games are an event to be enjoyed by all.

Roaming Ranger

11 August 2016

Interview with Kirsten Dallas, the Trust's first appointed Countryside Ranger Apprentice, about her work and the apprentice program.

The Princes of Glenfinnan

28 July 2016

From Bonnie Prince Charlie to the Half-Blood Prince, the Jacobites to Harry Potter - Glenfinnan has a lot going on!

Ain't No Munro High Enough

14 July 2016

Alan Rowan, author of "Moonwalker" gives an interview about his book as well as stories of being up the Munros in the middle of the night.

Tartan Tales: Stories from Historic Scottish Houses

5 July 2016

Presented by Curt DiCamillo in partnership with the Nantucket Atheneum on Wednesday, August 24 at 8:00 pm

The Foundation Sees a Record Grant Making Year

1 July 2016

Nearly $500,000 in conservation grants were made in fiscal year 2016 - a 55% increase over the previous year.

Game, Set, Match!

30 June 2016

Falkland Palace is home to the oldest tennis court in Britain where Mary Queen of Scots used to enjoy a game or two!

Love Our Islands

23 June 2016

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of St Kilda as the UK’s only World Heritage site listed for both its cultural and natural heritage, read more about the ‘Love our Islands’ campaign and how you can get involved.

Introducing Summer Marketing Intern

16 June 2016

Our brand new Marketing Communications intern Lauren has finally arrived to join us all the way from Scotland!

9 Spectacular Scottish Walks

24 May 2016

Scenic hiking at Trust properties with spectacular views of the Scottish landscape.

11 Magical Places

20 May 2016

The places that spark imagination, engage the senses, and inspire legends.

9 Most Instagrammed Places

19 May 2016

The most photogenic of the Trust's properties. #nofilterneeded

10 Places for Culture Vultures

19 May 2016

Looking for an adventure? History buffs will get lost in the treasures to be found at our top 10 Trust places for culture vultures!

4 Favorite Playgrounds

18 May 2016

Our properties offer fun activities for all ages!

A Celebration of Scotland's Treasures

4 February 2016

Gala honored Phyllis Logan, Downton Abbey's Mrs. Hughes, on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Successful Garden Restoration Campaign for Falkland Palace

3 February 2016

We have met an anonymous challenge to support the restoration of the historic Percy Cane-designed garden at Falkland Palace.

The Foundation is Celebrating its 15th Anniversary

27 November 2015

2015 marks the 15th year of grant making for the NTSUSA

Conserve the Reserve: Ben Lawers

20 August 2015

Learn more about conservation efforts at the internationally important Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve.

The Highlander Who Changed the World

13 August 2015

Delve into Hugh Miller’s extraordinary life and achievements.

Behind the scenes Outlander shots: Preston Mill’s close up!

28 July 2015

An account and photographs of Outlander behind-the-scenes

Brodick Castle’s Royal Guests

27 July 2015

In 1947, the 800-year-old Brodick Castle was paid a very special royal visit!

Becoming Lallybroch: Preston Mill's Outlander makeover

7 July 2015

Preston Mill's Outlander makeover.

A Phantassie setting: Preston Mill and its Outlander fame

1 July 2015

Preston Mill and its Outlander fame

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