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Digging Deep to ‘Reveal’ the Trust’s Archaeological Treasures

6 September 2018

As part of Project Reveal, the lead inventory officer of the Trust’s archaeology collections is researching, sorting, and archiving the artifacts excavated or found at NTS sites to prepare them for future research and potential public display.

‘Dress to impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s dressing case

17 August 2018

Lady Evelyn Kennedy, or also known by the title of Marchioness of Ailsa, owned one of the most interesting dressing cases found at Culzean Castle. Through Project Reveal we find out how ladies in the 19th century would get dressed with the aid of this wonderful case.

Just my Type

10 August 2018

As Project Reveal Team East finishes cataloging the unique objects found in Robert Smail’s Printing Works, the team reflect on highlights over the past year using the property’s amazing collection of type.

Becoming a Dab Hand – Printing Past and Present

Project Reveal visits Robert Smail’s Printing Works, investigating Scotland’s industrial heritage as well as the UK’s oldest working commercial letterpress.

Project Reveal – One year on and 12 months of progress

3 August 2018

With Project Reveal now being one year old, we are going to look at the progress they have made by looking at few of the wonderful, intricate and bizzare items they have found and documented.

Fossils and forefathers (geology rocks!)

27 July 2018

The North West Project Reveal Team venture out to Cromarty, to investigate the Birthplace Cottage and Museum of Hugh Miller – a geologist, writer, and an avid fossil collector.

She was aye workin’

19 July 2018

Project Reveal Team West has recently started the inventory of the Tenement House, the former home of Miss Agnes Toward. Here, we are able to see a life of an independent Glaswegian working woman in the first half of the 20th century.

The Weaver’s Cottage doll

11 July 2018

Project Reveal goes to the Weaver’s Cottage in Kilbarchan, investigating more than 1,000 tartan samples and an intruiging 19th century papier-mâché and wooden doll

A blast from the past

5 July 2018

Project Reveal delve into the history of the two infamous cannons at Culzean Castle, as we explore their origins, the narrative around the cannons, and usage during the 20th century.

Is an Architect an Artist?

29 June 2018

Project Reveal looks at Holmwood, one of the few surviving buildings designed by Alexander Thompson, an exponent of the Greek Revival style.

The Illicit Still Game

12 June 2018

Project Reveal North East explore the history of illicit distilling in the Angus glens. The whisky stills of the Angus Folk Museum collection tell us much about the history of Scotland’s most famous export.

Dealing with the Devil

9 May 2018

Project Reveal head to the House of the Binns to catalog the table where ‘Bluidy Tam’ is said to have played the devil at cards.

Let’s play a game …

27 February 2018

Inside a box, inside a cupboard, inside the Georgian House, Project Reveal uncovers a rare musical treasure.

Passing Time with Brodie Castle’s Musical Clock

Hanging on the wall of the Red Drawing Room at Brodie Castle, just beside the spiral staircase, is a spectacular example of a Louis XV wall-mounted cartel clock.

Project Reveal: Six Months of Progress

Read all about the progress of the Project Reveal teams, who have been busy cataloguing and photographing Trust collections for the past six months.

Let the Fan Do the Talking: Flirting in the Victorian Era

13 February 2018

Learn how woman found ways to discreetly communicate in the Victorian era in this Project Reveal blog post from the South West team during their work at Culzean Castle.

The Ghosts of Culzean Castle

18 January 2018

The photographer for the Project Reveal South West team introduces us to some of the more well known spirits who are said to inhabit Culzean Castle.

Leaving Our Mark

5 January 2018

The Trust’s collections are very diverse, so we need to use various marking and labeling techniques for identifying collection items.

21st-century needlework in 17th-century Culross Palace

Project Reveal Team East uncovers the work that goes into creating a splash of color in Culross Palace.

Princess Louise’s Highland seat(s)

4 January 2018

Project Reveal Team North East find a set of chairs at Mar Lodge with a royal connection and a divided history.

Christmas Revealed, Part 2

20 December 2017

25 team members, 25 favourite objects from the project: this is the Project Reveal Advent, Part 2.

Christmas Revealed, Part 1

25 team members, 25 favorite objects from the project: this is the Project Reveal Advent, Part 1.

Cataloging Christmas Cheer

15 December 2017

A Father Christmas army and fancy dress crackers – Project Reveal Team East reveals the spirit of Christmas at Newhailes.

If the Key Fits …

An intriguing key with a fairy tale-like inscription – ‘mahogany box, golden telescope’ – was recently discovered at Brodie Castle. What will it open?

Lang May Yer Hingin’ Lum Reek

28 November 2017

The Project Reveal West Team are intrigued by a rare hanging lum in the kitchen of Moirlanich Longhouse.

What’s the time, Major Keith?

14 November 2017

The North East team have been busy inventorying the North Wing of Pitmedden House, and have come across a longcase clock with strong links to the region.

It BEATS – as it Sweeps – as it Cleans

The Project Reveal West Team discovers the beauty of cleaning 1930s style, with an Art Deco style Hoover vacuum at The Hill House.

Egg-cellent Art and Suspected Fowl Play

Project Reveal Team East explore the work of well-respected Scottish ornithologist, author and artist Donald Watson and find clues of a missing artwork.

Palmtrees and Goddesses at Culross Palace

1 November 2017

Project Reveal Team East discover the beautiful painted ceilings of Culross Palace, and wonder what lies beneath them.

What’s in the Box?

31 October 2017

Down in the depths of Newhailes, Project Reveal Team East unearthed a treasure trove of prints in an unassuming plastic box.

Memories of Zeppelin Sunday

The Project Reveal South West Team get a closer look at an aircraft propeller that left a mark on modern history.

Nature in Art at The Hill House

Hidden away in a cupboard at The Hill House, the Project Reveal team discovered beautiful finger bowl mats created by Walter Blackie’s daughter, Alison.

The Two Little Gin Pigs of Brodie Castle

30 October 2017

From the nickname ‘mother’s ruin’ to William Hogarth’s famous 18th-century print Gin Lane, the classic British tipple of gin hasn’t always enjoyed the reputation that it has today.

A Tax Avoidance Scheme?

A set of small glass bowls have long been on display in the State Dining Room at Culzean Castle, but most visitors probably don’t know what they were used for.

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