Torridon & Kintail Habitat Impact Assessment

Torridon and Kintail 

Featuring some of the most spectacular and rugged mountain scenery in Scotland, Torridon and Kintail are a magnet for walkers, geologists, and naturalists. The lochs, glens, and seashore form a wide landscape of wild and remote terrain, inhabited by red deer, golden eagles, pine marten, otters, and ptarmigan. Full of natural beauty, the area encompasses Munros such as the Five Sisters as well as travces of ancient battle sites and settlements.

Habitat Impact Assessment

One of the National Trust for Scotland’s main conservation objectives for this area is to protect and restore its natural ecosystem. Many habitats within protected areas in the highlands of Scotland are in unfavorable conservation condition due to high grazing and trampling by animals such as deer.

The Trust must follow on the successful completion of a Habitat Impact Assessment for the adjacent West Affric in 2015 by undertaking such a study for Torridon and Kintail. The information gleaned from the Habitat Impact Assessment will help inform future conservation management practices, particularly in relation to levels of herbivore impacts and deer management, and will allow the Trust to assess improvement in key habitat types.


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