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Project Reveal | Revealing Scotland’s Stories

Weighed down with laptops, ladders, cameras, and tape measures, six curatorial inventory teams have set off across Scotland to catalog and photograph the more than 100,000 objects cared for by the National Trust for Scotland.

The teams fully expect to uncover hidden treasures and reveal intimate stories told by unique witnesses to history: the objects themselves.

Project Reveal is a multi-site digitization project of unprecedented scale that will result in an updated and accurate database record of every item in the Trust’s care. This project is using the best of current technology to bring our collections information management systems, and with it, our knowledge, fully up to date. The scale of this project is also unusual within the cultural sector. Unlike most organizations that collect and care for historical artifacts, the majority of Trust’s collections are not in storage but are on display within historic houses, castles, cottages and workshops, and much of the inventory work will take place in full view of visitors. The Trust is revealing not just its collections, but its working methods as well.

Project Reveal in Action

Throughout the project we will celebrate the objects that are re-discovered, and whose significance is revealed for the first time.  Visitors will be able to see this for themselves as the curatorial teams work in full view of the public until December 2018. Keep an eye on the Trust’s website to see where the various teams will be working at particular times of the year. The discoveries and their stories can be followed on Project Reveal blog posts, @NTSCollections twitter account, and by searching #ProjectReveal.

How You Can Help

With your support, we can help the Trust manage its collections more effectively. Most important, we can help the Trust discover, better understand, and share its treasures with the world.

Please help us to secure this major investment in preserving Scotland’s heritage with a tax-deductible donation in support of Project Reveal.


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