The magnificent Neo-Palladian villa of Newhailes has sumptuous decorative details at every turn. The ornate Library includes a Georgian tapestry fire screen and a polar bearskin rug that was a wedding present to Sir Mark and Lady Antonia, the last inhabitants of the house. Similarly, the Chinese Sitting Room holds such unique items as an 18th-century Chinese gilded screen and an early Victorian rosewood-framed banquette.

Mitigating Insect Damage. Wood beetles and moths are eating the larger items in the Library and Chinese Sitting Room at an alarming rate. However, bulky items—including carpets—are impossible to treat with the usual, localized methods. Freezing items is the most effective way to prevent large-scale infestations. This project will include ten weeks on site at Newhailes, followed by two additional years of treating infested materials at other properties via freezing.

Project Cost $93,000

NTS USA Funding Goal $65,000


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