Newhailes Oral History Project


A Palladian house fit for a baronet, originally built in the 17th century, Newhailes interprets three centuries of history and represents a unique achievement in conservation terms. Much of the original decorative scheme—Chinese hand-painted wallpaper, painted woodwork, and furnishings—has survived intact and, rather than attempting to recreate an immaculate dwelling, the National Trust for Scotland has worked hard to keep the house “untouched” by modern hands.

Oral History Project

The National Trust for Scotland often encounters people at Newhailes who have memories of the property from before its acquisition as a historic site—former residents, staff, even local children who used to sneak in to explore. In order to avoid losing these memories forever, the Trust is planning an oral history project that will consist of recorded interviews with people who have a living connection to Newhailes from before 1998. Their stories will be recorded and edited professionally, creating a “soundslide” presentation that pairs audio with still images. These will play on the Trust’s website and on-site starting in 2018. In addition to adding to the interpretation of Newhailes, the project will help the trust engage more deeply with the local community, building relationships through shared history.

Project Costs: $8,500

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