Inverewe Tree Nursery Project


Inverewe is a world-famous historic garden and one of Scotland’s most popular botanical attractions. Set amidst the rugged landscape of Wester Ross in northwest Scotland, the garden was created out of bare rock and a few scrub willows in 1862 by Osgood Mackenzie. Today, the landscape is full of colorful, exotic plants from around the world. Inverewe is enhanced by its proximity to the warm currents of the Gulf Stream and the thick belt of trees that protect it from the wild storms of the Atlantic.

Tree Nursery Project

The National Trust for Scotland would like to introduce an aspen tree nursery to Inverewe, to propagate West Highland aspen from both root stock and seed. In Scotland, aspen trees rarely flower or set seed, so alternative methods are required for propagation. Working with the Highland Aspen Group and Trees for Life, the project will apply a method to encourage the spread of aspen by bringing root cuttings into a polytunnel in early spring, before harvesting and then rooting thee shoots individually.

Hazel and juniper will also be propagated in the nursery, with a view toward planting on Trust grounds to boost existing remnant populations. The hazel plants will provide food sources for endangered red s as part of a national strategy for saving the species.

Educational programs will be run throughout the project, and on-site interpretation will provide visitors with an overview of the importance of the Trust’s environmental conservation work.


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