Decorative Stonework Survey & Repairs at Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle, Garden, & Estate

Fyvie Castle – famously rumored to be haunted – is a splendid example of Scottish Baronial architecture, with a charm ranging from its 13th-century origins to its stunning Edwardian interiors. Each tower of this magnificent fortress is traditionally associated with one of the castle’s five successive families: Preston, Meldrum, Seton, Gordon, and Forbes-Leith. Fyvie’s rich portrait collection includes works by Romney, Gainsborough, and one of the largest private collections of Raeburns in the world. The castle also features a great stone wheel staircase. The grounds include a picturesque loch and unusual glass-roofed racquets court with a sprung floor.

Decorative Stonework Survey & Phase 1 Repairs

Fyvie is unique in the number, variety, and significance of the stone decorative elements adorning its roof. These comprise figurative sculpture on the turrets and dormer windows, many of which are from the 16th century, and armorial panels, fantastic beasts, abstract decoration, and bronze elaboration. The sculpture is of the highest significance and, in fact, may be the most important early Scottish sculpture to exist anywhere.

In fall 2015, a small part of the decoration fell into the courtyard, and roof contractors undertook an immediate check of the stones. Further investigations took place in early 2016, and a strategy of repair and observation is currently being developed. The total cost of work is estimated at $2.5 million.

While the long-term strategy is being finalized, it is essential that the National Trust for Scotland undertake a six-month, high-level inspection program and to implement temporary repairs to prevent further damage or deterioration, while also aiming to secure any precarious pieces of stone. The project is vital in terms of both conservation and visitor health and safety.


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