Countryside Ranger Apprenticeship Program

The National Trust for Scotland manages 190,000 acres of wild land, islands, mountains, and coastline. Much of this land is designated as national and local nature reserves and are home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna and include some of the largest breeding colonies of seabirds (such as puffins, razorbills, and fulmars) in Europe.

To manage this land and connect individuals with the environment, the National Trust for Scotland operates one of the largest Countryside Ranger services in Scotland. They carry out a wide range of tasks, leading outdoor learning for visitors of all ages and undertaking vital habitat management activities. However, a lack of skilled personnel to fill future vacancies represents a real threat to the profession. There is no organization offering training to aspiring young rangers, and the usual way of entering the profession–via seasonal positions–is rapidly declining.

The Trust has the opportunity to fill this gap and take a leading role in developing a future generation of Countryside Rangers and their profession across Scotland. Based at Crathes Castle and Estate in Aberdeenshire, this program will provide trainees with a unique opportunity to develop the vital skills and knowledge necessary for a career as a Ranger.

The cost of training one apprentice totals $50,000 per year, including protective clothing, equipment, and hands-on experience in the field.

Project cost:    $50,000 per Ranger annually

Gift Request:   $80,000 over two years to complete funding for one ranger in 2017-2018 and cover the cost of a second


$130,000 over three years to complete funding for one ranger in 2017-2018 and cover the cost of two more


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