Ben Lawers

Ben Lawers is among the Trust’s most important natural heritage properties. The extensive mountain landscape extends over nine miles along Loch Tay in the central Highlands and is named for its highest peak, the dominant feature of the local landscape. Ben Lawers is one of the most botanically rich areas in Britain and has been renowned since the 18th century for its outstanding range and diversity of artic-alpine plants and habitats, many of them rare or scarce; the property’s cultural heritage is also highly significant, with archaeological remains dating from the Mesolithic era. The Trust’s pioneering approach to managing Ben Lawers is regarded as a standard for best practice in the field of environmental conservation.

The Trust needs to deliver a three-year program of vital habitat restoration to ensure the long-term maintenance of Ben Lawers. The ability to meet conservation objectives is constrained by heritable rights for neighboring farmers to graze sheep on the range, which restricts significant plant species to inaccessible cliffs. Populations so reduced and isolated will eventually die out. Fencing has allowed natural regeneration of some species, while others require labor-intensive active intervention to survive. The Trust’s work in tackling the restoration of sub-montane woodland and montane scrub is unique, and long-term success requires a sustained commitment. The most efficient way to ensure the success of this vital work is by employing a staff member dedicated to fence management; bracken control; seed collection, propagation, and nursery work; deer management; and volunteer supervision.

Project Cost $87,000 over three years

NTSUSA Funding Goal $87,000 over three years 


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