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For Americans who love Scotland, The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA is the best way to actively support the preservation of the country’s rich cultural and natural treasures and to ensure their existence for future generations.

As Scotland’s largest conservation charity and third-largest landowner, the National Trust for Scotland cares for 129 properties of national and international significance, ranging from islands and mountain ranges to battlefields, castles, and even a tenement house. It costs the Trust $75 each minute simply to maintain the significant natural and built resources under its care. The Trust’s commitment to preventative conservation means that timely interventions are executed before severe—and much costlier—problems arise.

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA partners with the Trust in this responsible approach by annually promoting a range of projects in Scotland for the consideration of donors from across the United States. The Trustees of the Foundation are honored to give you the opportunity to join with them by making a tax-effective investment in one of the following urgent initiatives.

Your support will make a critical difference.

Interiors at Culzean Castle

24 June 2016

After over 50 years of wear-and-tear, reproductions of the original curtains and carpets at Culzean are in need of replacement.

Hill House

24 June 2016

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Hill House combines the architect’s flair for innovative design with state-of-the-art (for the time) building technology. A long-term maintenance and repair methodology is being researched to care for the Portland cement facade.

House of Dun

24 June 2016

House of Dun, a William Adam-designed Georgian property, was home to the Erskine family for over 600 years. The Old Library will be converted into a space that will tell the story of this Scottish family home.


24 June 2016

The Neo-Palladian villa of Newhailes requires urgent preventative conservation of objects in the ornate Library including tapestries, a polar bearskin rug and carpets.

Craigievar Castle

24 June 2016

In order to better understand the history of Craigievar Castle, dendrochronology will be used to date the entrance door to the castle, which could date to the 16th or early 17th century.

Coire Lan Trail on the Isle of Arran

24 June 2016

Recent flash flooding on Goatfell, the highest peak on the Isle of Arran, has damaged the Coire Lan walking path. Surface repairs and storm drainage will be installed to halt further damage.

Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran

24 June 2016

Flash flooding has caused significant damage to high-traffic foot paths at Glen Rosa, the most scenic area on the Isle of Arran.

Ben Lawers

24 June 2016

Ben Lawers, among the Trust’s most important natural heritage properties, is in need of vital habitat restoration to protect indigenous plant species.

Countryside Ranger Apprenticeship Program

24 June 2016

To manage their 190,000 acres of wild land, islands, mountains, and coastline, the Trust operates one of the largest Countryside Ranger services in Scotland.

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