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For Americans who love Scotland, The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA is the best way to actively support the preservation of the country’s rich cultural and natural treasures and to ensure their existence for future generations.

As Scotland’s largest conservation charity and third-largest landowner, the National Trust for Scotland cares for 129 properties of national and international significance, ranging from islands and mountain ranges to battlefields, castles, and even a tenement house. It costs the Trust $75 each minute simply to maintain the significant natural and built resources under its care. The Trust’s commitment to preventative conservation means that timely interventions are executed before severe—and much costlier—problems arise.

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA partners with the Trust in this responsible approach by annually promoting a range of projects in Scotland for the consideration of donors from across the United States. The Trustees of the Foundation are honored to give you the opportunity to join with them by making a tax-effective investment in one of the following urgent initiatives.

Your support will make a critical difference.

Gilt Frame for Painting at Craigievar Castle

5 May 2017

One of the Trust's finest mid-19th-centrury portraits, recently conserved, now requires a new gilt frame to return it to public display at Craigievar Castle.

Culzean Painting Conservation

5 May 2017

Once hung in Lady Aisla’s bedroom at Culzean Castle, this impressive depiction of a 17th-century Turkish battle scene requires considerable conservation and new gilt frame.

Coronation and Peer's Robe Conservation at Culzean Castle

5 May 2017

Conserve the Kennedy’s full-length Coronation Robes believed to have belonged to the 4th Marquis of Aisla and worn at the state opening of Parliament. Also in poor condition are a set of Peer’s Robes which require similar conservation work.

Hoolity Ha'

5 May 2017

Sandstone tracery on the Hoolity Ha’, an exquisite Gothic-style gate lodge, has weathered and eroded extensively. Repair work by Culzean stonemasons will not only maintain this historic building, but will provide important training opportunities to the Trust’s apprentice stonemasons.

Paneled Screen Conservation at Culzean Castle

5 May 2017

Conservation to a gilt and textile screen, and a large six-paneled, painted Spanish leather screen are required to continue public display within the castle.

Stone Statue at Drum Castle

5 May 2017

A carved stone statue is being commissioned for a fountain plinth in Drum’s walled garden to replace a statue that was on loan from Pittmidden Garden and has since been returned.

Decorative Stonework Survey & Repairs at Fyvie Castle

5 May 2017

Fyvie, a splendid example of Scottish Baronial architecture, is unique in the number, variety, and significance of its stone decorative elements. NTS will undertake a high-level inspection and repair program to prevent further damage or deterioration to the stonework.

Fyvie Racquets Court

5 May 2017

Built in 1903, the Racquets Court remains a popular space for weddings and ceilidhs. Essential repairs will ensure the space is sufficiently protected and can continue to be enjoyed by the public.

Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve Footpath

5 May 2017

Restoration of footpaths at Grey Mare’s Tail in the Scottish Borders, a breathtaking waterfall and unique hanging valley receiving 50,000 visitors annually.

Painting Conservation at Hill of Tarvit

5 May 2017

The three largest paintings in Frederick Bower Sharp’s collection, currently hanging at Hill of Tarvit, are in urgent need of treatment. Cleaning and rehanging the paintings will also provide an important opportunity to clean the house’s cupola and survey the stairwell cornice.

Eyemats for Hill of Tarvit

5 May 2017

Eyemats, printed fabric overlays that depict the design of the carpet below, are required in Hill of Tarvit's Great Hall to protect the historic floors.

Furniture Acquisition at Holmwood

5 May 2017

Acquisition of Cottier furniture for display at Holmwood will showcase design of the High Victorian period and add an authentic feel of a family home.

Alexander "Greek" Thomson Bicentenary Exhibition at Holmwood

5 May 2017

To commemorate 200 years since architect Alexander “Greek” Thomson’s birth, NTS seeks to update Holmwood's permanent exhibition interpretation to enhance the visitor experience and bring the story of Holmwood, its architects, and its residents to life.

Inverewe Tree Nursery Project

5 May 2017

NTS would like to introduce an aspen tree nursery at Inverewe to propagate West Highland aspen from both root stock and seed. On-site interpretation will provide visitors with an overview of the importance of the Trust’s environmental conservation work.

Moirlanich Longhouse

5 May 2017

The beautifully conserved Moirlanich Longhouse home and byre offers unique insight into rural life in late 19th-century and early 20th-century Scotland. Digital interpretation development will enable the Trust to share the history of this property more widely.

Newhailes Oral History

5 May 2017

The Trust is planning an oral history project that will consist of recorded interviews with people who have a living connection to Newhailes. These will play on the Trust’s website and on-site at Newhailes starting in 2018.

Torridon & Kintail Habitat Impact Assessment

5 May 2017

A habitat impact assessment will help to protect and restore the natural ecosystem at Torridon & Kintail, a major conservation objective at the NTS.

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