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For Americans who love Scotland, The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA is the best way to actively support the preservation of the country’s rich cultural and natural treasures and to ensure their existence for future generations.

As Scotland’s largest conservation charity and third-largest landowner, the National Trust for Scotland cares for properties of national and international significance, ranging from islands and mountain ranges to battlefields, castles, and even a tenement house. It costs the Trust $75 each minute simply to maintain the significant natural and built resources under its care. The Trust’s commitment to preventative conservation means that timely interventions are executed before severe—and much costlier—problems arise.

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA partners with the Trust in this responsible approach by annually promoting a range of projects in Scotland for the consideration of donors from across the United States. The Trustees of the Foundation are honored to give you the opportunity to join with them by making a tax-effective investment in one of the following urgent initiatives.

Your support will make a critical difference.

A Garden of Contemplation at Threave Garden & Estate

6 September 2018

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the terrorist bombing of Pan American Flight 103 over Lockerbie, we are proud to support the creation of a Garden of Contemplation at Threave Garden & Estate.

Project Reveal

3 August 2017

Six curatorial inventory teams will catalog and photograph all of the collections displayed and stored in 47 of the National Trust for Scotland’s properties - over 100,000 individual objects.

Bannockburn Monument

23 May 2018

Set within the grounds of the Battle of Bannockburn historic site is the monument which commemorates the 650th anniversary of one of Scotland’s most pivotal moments in history. The monument requires cyclical maintenance to ensure its survival for future generations.

Ben Lawers

23 May 2018

Environmental conservation work at Ben Lawers includes replanting the Craggantoul Shelter Belt and critical repairs to the remaining 360 meters of the Meall nan Tarmachan footpath.

Garden Development at Brodick Castle

23 May 2018

Brodick Castle's walled garden will be restored to showcase the exotic and unusual plants that can be grown in Brodick's unique climate.

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

23 May 2018

Current projects at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum include; exhibition lighting, Burns Cottage gable, Poet's Path sculpture, and the Bachelor's Club.

Renewable Energy on Fair Isle

23 May 2018

The renewable energy project at Fair Isle will deliver a dependable power supply and infrastructure improvements for the local island community.

Archaeology in Action at Glencoe

23 May 2018

The program will build on detailed mapping and survey work recently undertaken by the Trust’s Archaeology Team, engaging the public through visible excavation of settlement sites and post-dig interpretation. 


23 May 2018

Two priority projects at Goatfell include peat restoration that will have a significant impact on the local environment and intensive footpath repairs to restore erosion damage.

Holmwood House

23 May 2018

The Trust is embarking on a three-year restoration project at Holmwood House, significant for its architectural style unique to Glasgow and Alexander “Greek” Thomson.

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